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STORIE ITALIANE® BRAND storie italiane

We created the Brand in the beautiful Italy, in the decade of the eighties.

Our history is including memories, experiences, anecdotes and randomness, also yours.

People who love what they do are the heart and the engine of our team. We strongly believe in the decisions that we make. 

Also we work with professionals and producers who comply with international laws and standards.

Currently we are specialized in knitwear products, but we also offer other categories of men's clothing, such as polo shirts, t-shirts, jackets and much more.

The style of the models is simple.

We have always guided our choices according to simplicity. The garments offered combines the tradition of the best materials with the innovation of Italian design.

We want to bring our style all over the world so why You don't start to follow us on social network to view our new posts?

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